Launch of Summer Camp

summercampIt’s here folks.

The return of the Titan Summer camp is here for 2014. In conjunction with Clydebank Rugby club we will be holding a summer camp from the 30th of June until 1st August. The camp has a range of sports which includes Judo, Rugby, Football, Tae Kwon Do, Gaelic Football plus lots of multi sport activities.

Check out our Summer camp page by clicking the link above and download the booking form. Alternatively call Liam on 07443 898368

Book fast as places will be limited

2014 Booking Form

Christmas Timetable

It’s Christmas time again and I hope Santa is good to you all, as long as you are not on the naughty list!

Our last class before closing will be Saturday the 21st of December 2013 at the Playdrome.

Our first class will be Monday the 6th of January 2014 at the Playdrome.

There are three changes to the classes following the festive period.

1. Monday classes at Playdrome will have all children attend from 3:30-4:30pm.
2. Tuesday classes at Antonine will have all children attend from 6:00-7:00pm.
3. Friday classes at Antonine will have all children attend from 3:30-4:30pm.


Titan Judo will be starting to new days in Clydebank which will see the launch of some new after school clubs.

Mondays will be held at the Playdrome and Fridays will be held at the Antonine.

For more information on the times please see the timetable.

Get in touch NOW to book your place.

Change of Venue for Saturday the 31st of August

Due to the WDC Sport Show being held at the Playdrome in Clydebank we are going to move the class to the Paisley Lagoon Centre from 10 till 11am this week.

If you can’t make it across to this class please use another from the timetable as an alternative.

Once again please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the Sport Show taking over our booking.


This is due to the Blood Doner group using the centre.

The summer timetable will now be in effect until the end of July. Due to numbers in classes we will be resuming to a normal timetable from Saturday the 3rd of July.


Saturday 27th July 10-11am – ALL
Tuesday 30th July 6-7pm – ALL
Wednesday 31st July CANCELLED

Saturday 3rd August 10-10:45am : 4-7 year olds / 10:45-11:45am 8-14 year olds
Tuesday 6th August 5:45pm-6:30pm : 4-7 year olds / 6:30-7:30pm 8-14 year olds
Wednesday 7th August 6:00-6:45pm : 4-7 year olds / 6:45-7:45pm 8-14 year olds / 7:45-9:00pm Youths/Seniors

Titan Judo Paisley will resume once the schools return.
Titan Soccer will return once the schools return.

Last Call for Club Championships

Our Club Championships will be held at the Antonine Sport centre on Sunday the 26th of May. The competition starts at 12:30pm and should finish for 4:30pm.

If you havent put your entry into the coach yet please do so as soon as possible.

Please download the form from the link below (or send your childs name age and weight in KG) and send it to

Clash of the Titans 2013

The competition is for all the kids to enjoy so get your entries in now and be part of CLASH OF THE TITANS.

Highland Open Champion 2013

Highland Open ChampionLucas “The Lone Titan” Ross competed at the Grand Prix event the Highland Openin Inverness at the Weekend. Winning all his fights by Ippon Lucas took the title and the gold medal with a stunning all round performance by securing victories in both newaza (groundwork) and tachiwaza (standing).

Well done Lucas from everyone at the club.

Clash of the Titans 2013

On Sunday the 26th of May at the Antonine Sport Centre we will be holding the first of three Titan Grand Slams named Clash of the Titans. The event will start at 12:30pm and should finish for 4:30pm.

The event will have all kids competing for medals on the day and collecting points towards their Grand Slam.

Look out for the entry forms at your class now!

Grading results for all the Titans in March

Well done to all those who took part in March’s grading.

Belts will be given out from the 9th of April onwards, make sure you are at your class to get your belt.


Brendan Bean 4th mon
Nathan Brown 3rd kai
Finlay Brown 3rd mon
Ryan Carson 10th mon
Jack Clifford 3rd kai
Martin Crombie 2nd kai
Joe Dougan 1st kai
Kyle Graham 5th mon
Lewis Greig 5th kai
Cara Halkett 3rd kai
Matthew Halkett 3rd mon
Euan Halkett 1st mon
Leah Hand 5th mon
Ryan Hendry 3rd kai
Liam Hendry 1st kai
Ruby Hodgson 6th Kai
Darren Keegan 1st kai
Mark Kelly 10th mon
Ben Kelly 2nd mon
Jack Kennedy 5th mon
Lewis Koroma 2nd mon
Daniel Koroma 1st mon
Matthew Lawson 3rd mon
Ross Lyden 6th mon
Murray McAllister 5th kai
Aidan McCabe 1st kai
Niamh McCafferty 4th kai
Luke McFadden 2nd mon
Ruaridh McGuinness 2nd kai
Eilidh McGuinness 2nd kai
Sophie McNeill 3rd mon
Liam Pearson 4th mon
Maryam Zahid 4th mon
Lucy Tinley 4th kai
James Stewart 1st mon
Adam Stewart 1st kai
Joshua Smart 1st mon
Charlie Smith 7th mon
Ben Pryde 1st kai
Danil Rozhitsin 5th mon
Leighton Russell 2nd kai


Logan Anderson 8th Mon
Sean Bradley 3rd Kai
Sky Busby 1st mon
Ross Cardno 5th kai
Ryan Cardno 5th kai
Cameron Carson 1st kai
Sophia Carson 1st kai
Lewis Christie 9th mon
Anna Christie 2nd kai
Neil Crombie 1st kai
Abby Curry 1st Kai
Adam Daly 5th mon
Gavin Filshie 9th mon
Euan Fitzpatrick 3rd mon
Shaun Gallacher 1st mon
Owen Graham 5th kai
Jack Hewins 2nd mon
Michael McCusker 5th kai
Kavan Mcdade 5th mon
Ewan McFarlane 3rd mon
Callum McFarlane 4th mon
Max McNulty 7th mon
Ross McQueen 5th kai
Aiden Meehan 3rd mon
Marcus Wright 4th mon
Callum Young 4th Kai
David Torrance 1st kai
Murray Provan 3rd mon
Lewis Skivington 2nd mon
Lucas Ross 5th mon


Max Diven 3rd Kai
Robbie Doherty 1st Mon
Arran Hamilton 3rd Kai
Shannon Howard 3rd Mon
Jamie Howard 2nd kai
William Kelly 3rd kai
Kornad Milczewski 2nd Mon
Anthony Murney 3rd kai
Holly Stone 3rd Mon
Nina Sweeney 3rd kai
Matthew Sweeney 3rd Mon
Shaun Sweeney 6th Mon
Eva Sweeney 6th Mon
Gabriel Thornhill 2nd Kai
Aaron Walker 3rd kai
Dominik Wesolowski 3rd Mon
Tom Whaley 2nd Mon
Sam Whaley 2nd Mon
Jakub Woznaik 3rd Mon
Mitchel Smith 2nd Mon